A feeding ground for the giants and the small

This is without a doubt the most popular sector of the Marine Park! Every summer, whales, seals, and birds regale on the plethora of small fish and plankton that thrive here. This is also where most of the excursion boats come to watch marine mammals. The area is also a preferred setting of sea-kayakers.

It makes up 30 % of total park area. Its underwater topography is profoundly marked by the Laurentian channel running alongside the north shore. It is through this channel that saltwater from the Atlantic Ocean enters the lower estuary.



of the Marine Park’s surface area


  • Very deep, its depths reach up to 300 m
  • The nutrient-rich ocean waters enter through the Laurentian Channel, an underwater valley
  • The shape of the seabed favors the concentration of prey for marine mammals at the head of the Laurentian Channel