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A breeding area, feeding ground and wintering area

With its islands set in a sea of turquoise, the upper estuary scenery is one of the most beautiful along the St. Lawrence River. The many lighthouses, standing tall on the rocky shores, bring a final touch to this outstanding seascape. It is an important area for the reproduction of various animal species, including herrings, capelins, seabirds and belugas, making it—as far as these species are concerned—the Marine Park’ “nursery.”

In winter, it is the preferred place of birds, and particularly Barrow’s Goldeneye. The area represents 53 % of total park area. It is characterized by strong tides, relatively well mixed waters, wide flats and islands.

It spans


of the Marine Park’s surface area


  • Its shallow brackish waters are warmer than those of the Lower Estuary
  • Its rather turquoise waters are characterized by strong tides and an abundance of islands and tidal flats.