Before engaging in any activity in the Marine Park other than pleasure boating, check to see if you need a permit. Permits are mandatory under the Marine Activities in the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park Regulations.

Evaluation of applications and processing times

Obtaining a permit is not automatic. Each application is evaluated based on the objectives and regulatory obligations of the Marine Park. Please anticipate a wait of 30 business days between the application being received and the permit being issued. For research projects, please allow at least 60 days.  For filming and special activity permits, the wait is at least 10 business days. We cannot guarantee the issuing of a permit in less time than that.

Make sure to complete all applicable fields on the form and attach all required documents to prevent any additional delays. Administrative fees are applicable and other fees may be added depending on the nature of the application.

Procedure for the delivery of your application

Complete the electronic form and save it on your computer.

Once completed, send it as an attachment to Parks Canada at the following address:

To find out the procedure for a scientific research permit, consult the Researcher’s Guide.

Did you know?

Flights under 2000 feet above sea level are prohibited within marine park boundaries, including drones. Rare occurrences of such flights are governed by a permit. Art. 18 DORS/2002-76

Guide to Good Marketing Practices

If you are marketing activities taking place in the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park, this guide is for you!

In its pages you will find practical tips for designing products that are attractive, authentic and respectful of this precious environment.


Filming and special activity

Filming, image caption, photography, flights over the Marine Park within 2000 feet (609.6 metres) over the surface of the water (including unmanned drones), sailboat races, fishing tournaments, etc.

Scientific research

Scientific research and harvesting activities for educational purposes

International cruises

High-tonnage vessels offering night accommodations to several passengers

Shuttle service

Ferry or other means of passenger transportation

Whale-watching cruises

Class 1 : whale-watching cruises

Marine tours

Class 2 : marine tours (other than whale-watching cruises)

Guided excursions in human-powered craft

Class 3: sea kayaking, paddle board, …

General Questions

The Marine Park includes the Saguenay Fjord, located downstream from Cap à l’Est, as well as the northern portion of the St. Lawrence Estuary, starting upstream at Gros cap à l’Aigle and ending downstream at Escoumins. The marine park covers approximately 1,245 km2. It includes the water column and sea floors and extends to the regular high-water line.

It is prohibited to fly a drone for recreational purposes, whether from land or a vessel, as is the case at all Parks Canada sites.

You must indicate your desire to take images using a drone in your filming and special activity permit application.

You must indicate your desire to take images using a drone as part of a scientific protocol in your scientific permit application.

All professional activities involving sound recording, film production or video production, including pre-production activities such as photographic identification, sound recordings (music, spoken word, nature sounds, radio reports), film productions (feature films, documentaries, dramas, advertising) and video productions (advertising and promotion, television shows that will be broadcast or not, etc.).

Class 1 permit: marine mammal watching excursion.

If the activity is not recurrent from season to season, you must apply for a special activity permit. When educational activities are recurrent, they are no longer deemed special activities. For human-powered craft (kayak), you must apply for a class 3 permit. For a human-powered craft (kayak), you must apply for a class 2 permit.

For any questions regarding permits: