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Training and Certification

Operators or kayak guides who have a valid 2019 certification

2020 season: the training portal is now closed for the season. Come back to this page in the spring of 2021 to renew your certification for the next season.

You must pass a yearly examination in order to operate in the limits of the Marine Park. You can complete the online exam to renew your certificate.

To access the online test, click on the link. You must connect to the training portal using the same access credentials you had in previous years.

Operators (classes 1 and 2)
Kayak guides (class 3)

New operators or kayak guides

New operators (classes 1 and 2)
New kayak guides (class 3)

Training on the Marine Activities in the Saguenay–St.Lawrence Marine Park Regulations is mandatory for operators and kayak guides operating in the limits of the Marine Park. SOR-2002-76

Training manual

Prepare for your examination by downloading the training manual.


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